The Real Estate market is not uniform.

Tuesday Mar 08th, 2016


GTA Freehold Real Estate market is increasingly stretching out of reach for many first-time buyers especially young families and newcomers. Prices for detached, semi-detached and even townhouses are going up every month creating a feel of craziness and frustration for many participants and observers.

No one can surely predict where it's going and virtually no one can abstain from commenting on it.  While sellers are generally exultant to be able to capitalize on their initial and ongoing investments into the real estate, the buyers are in a constant financial and emotional strain from trying to win in the bidding wars just for any property...   

However, the current condo real estate market is not operating under the same dynamic as the freehold market. There is still an adequate supply of units in the most condo buildings. Of course, the demand for larger units (especially 2- or 3-Bdrs), trendy lofts and buildings is much higher than for other units, but the supply is still higher due to the many pre-construction developments coming into their final building phases and investors’ desire to capitalize on their initial investments into pre-construction. 

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