Significance of numbers in our lives.

Monday Jun 13th, 2016


Have you ever thought about a significance of numbers in your date of birth? Your house number? In your marriage date? Birth dates of your kids? Have you ever tried to avoid scheduling an important meeting, celebration, flight or closing date on a date that has a supposedly unlucky number in it? Let’s say 13 or 4 or any other you consider as one?

As a realtor who enjoys working with people of diverse backgrounds, I started noticing how the real estate industry is quite sensitive to people’s superstitions. Recently, I was showing a relatively new condominium high rise in the down town Toronto where my clients and I immediately noticed that the building not only didn’t have the 13th floor, but also floors 4, 14, 24 and 34.

Most of Europeans and North Americans have fear or try to simply avoid the so-called unlucky number 13, so this was understandable and I actually got used not to see houses with number 13 or 13th floors by now. Obviously, to cater to the needs of the Asian buyers the builders have started constructing buildings with floors without number 4 in them. Apparently, number 4 prounces in the same way as the word “dead” and number 14 or 40 means “sure dead” or “dead for sure.” And the number 1624 “all the way easy to be dead.” Moreover, number 58 means “not prosperous” and the favorite number 7 of all Christians means “evil related.”

Now I know if I ever list properties with numbers 8, 28, 168, 169 or even 6638, I will definitely see the selling price to be higher on average. Number 666, of course, will not get a lot of buyers’ attention in many countries if there are any houses with this number.

I learned about all of these from a good friend of mine whose native language is Cantonese and who educated me on the significance of numbers in the Chinese culture. Moreover, apparently and please Japanese friends correct me if I am wrong number 9 is equally feared in Japan because it sounds similar to “torture or suffering”. And number 17 is avoided by some Italians because rearranging the Roman numeral XVII can create the word "VIXI"—translated from Latin as "my life is over."

If you’re curious about my clients then I’d happy to report thay my clients ended up buying a unit in a building without numbers 4, 13, 14, 24 and 34. And the unit theoretically on the 25th floor is actually on level 21 (ground floor as level 1).

In my opinion, it’s so fascinating how despite living in the 21 century we still give so much significance to so many trivial things in our lives. Myself, of course, included. When given a choice I try to avoid number 13 and always pick 7.

But, this post was not inspired by my clients who I respect deeply but by my belovedGrandmother Aleksandra who was born on June 13 exactly 80 years ago. She had passed away in 2012 leaving a huge hole in my life. Today I celebrate her life and thinking about number 13 in her life. Did it bring her luck? 

Yours truly,

Olesa Islamova

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