It's Legal, so Let's Deal with it!

Tuesday Oct 16th, 2018


The time is here Canada. We’re officially the 2nd in the world where marijuana/cannabis is legal. I’ll not engage you I the lengthy pros and cons since it’s not what I am here for. But I will remind you that rules of business have changed for the landlords. If you are a landlord or are contemplating to become one, you must familiarize yourself with this new reality to protect your investment. We all need to educate ourselves on the risks involved.

ATTENTION: The current Ontario government has not disputed against the federal government and is allowing smoking cannabis in the rental units. It will not contest the federal government’s allowance for growing plants per one household no matter owned or rental (up to 4, no high limit). There are a lot of problems arising from this legislation for the ordinary people who have never smoked and never intend on smoking cannabis. But the legislation is here and we now have to learn to live with it, and live without perils for our investments.

It’s time to update your tenants on the new reality and emphasize that a ‘NO SMOKING’ clause put by you or your #realtor in the ‘Schedule A’ means no smoking of anything is allowed on the premises. In regards to growing cannabis, we need to see what the CREA/OREA/TREB lawyers will come up with.

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