Thank you for visiting HomesbyOlesa.com. I'd like to take this opportunity to tell you a little bit about myself.

My real estate license is well rounded by years of education and job experiences.  Besides satisfying one of the most comprehensive Real Estate education requirements in North America, I have a BBA in Finance and Investments with a minor in Macroeconomics and Monetary Policy, as well as a Master of Science in Accounting. The last 16 years my husband and I have owned a renovation/reconstruction company. So my passion for the real estate industry starts with its very foundation.

I've always believed that commitment and knowledge are the groundwork for personal success and the outstanding service.  In my opinion, there is only one way of doing business: always keeping my clients' needs and interests in mind.  My real estate practice is based on building trusted, long-term relationships with my clients. I sincerely believe that outstanding service, continued learning, and passion for what I do always brings great results! 

Why Work with Olesa? 

It is likely you will encounter a variety of  real estate transactions throughout your life. Whether you are buying for yourself, selling your own, helping your family or deciding to invest in Real Estate, the process can be quite complex and nerve-wracking.  As never before, the modern consumer needs a trustworthy source to help them navigate the intricate process of real estate. I strongly believe access to accurate, reliable and timely information can significantly assist in making proper decisions.

By being a part of the Royal LePage Your Community Realty, I offer a complete suite of real estate services to ensure all your needs are met. I will clarify the entire process to you step by step.  I will explain current Real Estate market conditions and how they may affect today's buyers, sellers, and investors. I don't only bring my own experience and knowledge,  I  bring a wealth of knowledge and experience from the people I closely work with as well.

My Mission is to help buyers/sellers/investors make informed real estate decisions by providing unsurpassed customer service and a wealth of valuable information. 

My Values: Integrity, Professionalism, Responsibility

Please allow me to guide you through the GTA Real Estate market!

About Royal LePage Your Community Realty

Vivian Risi, a founder of the Royal LePage Your Community Realty, started small but by being consistent and working hard she made Your Community Realty more than a real estate company. Influenced by her father's passionate approach to homes and construction, she was drawn into real estate when she was 18-years old. She followed her own ideas and best instincts when it came to the housing business and that's what helped Your Community Realty stand out from the crowd. A very social, community-based establishment took shape from the little seed she planted in 1993. Today you know it as the Royal LePage - Your Community Realty.  Today, Our Realty has 12 office locations and over 60 support staff. 

I chose to work at Royal LePage Your Community Realty because its values mirror my own. The main focus of our company is on the customer at all times. We believe in the power of communities and therefore we support and assist our local commonalities in achieving their real estate needs. We also stand up for worthy causes. Our REALTORS® advocate for various local charities and they often get involved in events that benefit the extended improvement of the area. At Community Realty, we give back to the public in order to create a stronger, more converging community. Our children's future depends on the dedication that we show today and we are always trying to live up to this vision. 

Olesa Islamova

Real Estate Professional

Royal Lepage Your Community Realty

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